We Provide
Expert Guidance On:

Visa Application Assistance

Our experienced team assists clients in obtaining the appropriate visas for business, investment and work purposes in Nigeria, such as visa-on-arrival, subject-to-regulation visa.

Residence Permit Processing

We streamline the process of acquiring residence permits; ensuring clients meet all legal requirements.

Work Permit Processing

Helping skilled professionals and workers secure opportunities in countries that match their qualifications.

Business Permit & Expatriate Quota Processing

Supporting entrepreneurs and investors in establishing or expanding their businesses worldwide.

Foreign Students' Permit Processing

Guiding students through the process of studying in prestigious institutions abroad. 

Immigration Compliance Assistance

Ensuring that businesses and individuals adhere to immigration regulations and stay compliant throughout the process.   

Visa Processing

Our visa processing services are designed to ease the often complicated visa application process. We offer expertise in:

  • Tourist & Business Visas: Facilitating smooth entry for tourists and business travelers
  • Work Visas: Assisting individuals in obtaining work permits and visas
  • Student Visas: Supporting students in obtaining visas for their academic pursuits
  • Permanent Residence Visas: Helping clients secure long-term residency in foreign countries
  • Document Authentication & Legalization: Ensuring the authenticity of important documents for international use